• We are WonTech

    The team behind sporthero

  • We love building

    next generation social games

  • Capturing the passion

    That brings friends closer together

  • And Sometimes

    We hack other technology

The Heroes…

  • Alex Powell, CEO

    8 years experience in the media business running music, TV and sports businesses. Expert in product execution, marketing and investment.

  • Michael Stuart-Matthews, CTO

    Expert in global high availability, low latency, reactive, resilient, server-side systems development.

  • Shaun Peoples, Head of UX

    World class software engineer, specialising in gaming and graphics for clients including EA, Ubisoft, EvoApp and Garmin.

…The App



Put your passion into play.

Watching and predicting sport is a popular social bond amongst friends but it is often difficult to follow it together.

We make it simple and fun.

Available in November.

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